Cosmetic Condition Definitions

This has been and will continue to be a much-debated area by the variety of people who rely on, or are affected by the inventory and condition report. Believe it or not, we have had tenants during a check-out appointment put the claim to us that by painting their daughters’ originally cream-walled bedroom electric pink is ‘fair wear and tear’ as they have children!

What about the professional tenant who when dirty plates with dried-on food and mould forming on them were found under his bed (around half a dozen in total) told our clerk ‘…well there was dust webs on the ceiling in the lounge when I moved-in, so it’s just the same really, as now there aren’t any dust webs in the lounge, so this should cancel it out. I can’t be charged for cleaning’.

As new: has the appearance of a newly purchased item, either remains in original packaging or it is clearly obvious. For example; carpets do not get laid in their original packaging but it will be obvious they are brand new.

Good condition: very minor or slight signs of wear, lightly worn appearance making it clear the item is not brand new. There is no obvious damage, defect or cosmetic blemish of note.

Average condition: signs of general wear and typical ageing, carpets may have fraying to edges, minor faint spot marks in footfall areas, minor shading and discolouration in places for example. Still perfectly acceptable and functional.

Poor condition: extensively worn appearance, with obvious and excessive tears/scuff marks/chips, staining or scratches to surfaces of furniture, carpets, bedding and equipment. Still functional, however will likely create unhappy tenants who may disagree on functionality based on personal expectations.

Very poor condition: items or equipment clearly broken as they may be in pieces, have parts missing or collapsed. Large tears, large burn marks, large holes in furniture surfaces, unstable furniture due to missing fixings etc. Carpets, bedding and equipment with the above damage covering large areas of their surfaces. Likely not functional or fit-for-purpose, replacement requests from tenants would be warranted.

Nick Blakeley – Owner, Professional Letting | Inventory Reports


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