Terms of Service

Once instructed to carry out a service, acceptance of the services provided by Professional Letting is deemed to be an acceptance of the fees and the following terms and conditions.

The Clerk means the person or persons appointed by Professional Letting to inspect the Property for the purpose of preparing the Report or carrying out the check-in or check-out procedure.

The Property means the house, flat or other residential dwelling; the condition and contents of which are to be recorded in the Report.

The Report means the document (inventory, check-in, interim, check-out) detailing the condition and contents of the Property, in accordance with the following conditions:

a)  Upon acceptance of instruction, the Clerk will inspect or arrange the inspection of the Property for the purpose of compiling the Report.

b)  The Report will be a list of fixtures, fittings and household effects with the description of the state of decoration and condition of the interior and its effects at the Property.  Items may be identified by original name of manufacture, colour and serial number where appropriate.

c)  The Report does not at any time claim to be a report for valuation purposes of the Property and/or its contents, nor is it a guarantee of, or report of, the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents.  It is a listing that such items exist in the Property and the superficial condition of said items.

d)  The Report will be compiled on the basis that unless stated otherwise, listed items are in good condition, free from obvious soiling, damage or defects.  Significant defect will usually be damage, usage or soiling that might constitute a dilapidation charge termination of the Tenancy of the Property.

e)  Electrical items will be tested for power-on only if accessible and/or appropriate, unless the Clerk deems testing unsafe.  Items must be complete with plug, flexes and bulbs, unless otherwise ascertained.  Power to the Property at the time of inspection is the responsibility of the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent.

f)  Mattresses will be inspected where accessible and will not be examined should the bed be made-up or requested not so by the Tenant.

g) Floor coverings, rugs and carpets will be inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean so that burns, stains and other damage can be ascertained.

h)  The Report preparation will be compiled by the Clerk assuming they are able to do so without moving any fixtures and fittings or large and heavy items of furniture that the Clerk is unable to or that which is considered fragile or unsafe to move.

i) At termination of tenancy, receipts may be required for items that have been professionally cleaned.

j)  Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and intruder detection systems may be noted within the report but may not be tested and remain the sole responsibility of the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent.

k)  Professional Letting reserves the right to withdraw services if it is deemed the number of short-notice cancellations by the Client or respective landlord become excessive or unmanageable.  7 days written notice shall be given.

l)  Payment of all invoices should be made within 14 days of issue, unless agreed with the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent prior to any service being carried out.  Failure to adhere to this may result in Professional Letting refusing further instruction until outstanding balances are cleared. A 5% late payment fee of the invoice amount will be added for each 28 day period it passes issue date.

m)  Payment for services provided by Professional Letting can be made by cheque, bank transfer or debit/credit card; details of which are enclosed on each invoice.

n)   Where a tenant/landlord or other nominated person is to be met at the property to give access to the clerk; unless verbal confirmation is made directly between the clerk and said person by telephone to confirm the appointment details, the appointment will be cancelled and we will not attend. Confirmation from the agent that the keyholder will attend the property at the date and time is not sufficient. This helps us avoid invoicing clients for cancelled or aborted appointments.

o)  Where an appointment has to be cancelled or aborted with less than 3 hours notice, or where the clerk attends the agents’ office or the property in person, a £30 standard appointment cancellation/abortion fee will be invoiced. There will be no standard appointment cancellation/abortion fee if the clerk is notified of the cancellation/aborted appointment by phone, email or using the online booking system cancellation service 3 hours or more prior to the appointment time start time.

p)   When making an online booking, if the travel distance between your booking and the previous or following booking is lengthy, we reserve the right to reschedule the time in the day if we are meeting your tenant. We will contact you as soon as possible if this is the case.

q)  If you (or your company) book multiple (more than one) appointment for the same day and the times chosen are not consecutive, resulting in lengthy gaps between appointments, we reserve the right to reschedule the time to make them consecutive or cancel one or more appointment.

r)  Due to a history of being issued inventory and condition reports produced by other providers when booked to carryout a check-out inspection, we have found them to be lacking, unprofessional and somewhat unreliable. Therefore, we will not carryout a check-out appointment unless we produced the initial inventory and condition report by which we are able to make sound comparisons of the condition of the property.


This Report is prepared as an ‘as seen snapshot’ of the Property and its contents at the time of the inspection and is compiled as an independent, impartial and fair record of the cosmetic condition of the Property; it should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture, equipment, decoration or standard of cleaning, or as a structural survey report.

Therefore, as the Clerk is not an expert on fabrics, woods, materials or antiques etc; nor is a qualified surveyor or valuer, they are not required to state whether an item is antique, made of precious metals, of unique origin or whether it is new despite the appearance being obviously so.

Please be advised, any items left in loft spaces, cellars or in locked rooms, garages and garden sheds that have not been noted in the Report are the sole responsibility of the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent.  The movement of any items or heavy furniture or appliances will not be undertaken if deemed unreasonable due to storage methods of large quantities and therefore some observations may be restricted where such items restrict full view.

Where a Report is carried out where the tenant is in-situ and it is deemed difficult for the Clerk to differentiate between that belonging to the Landlord or tenant, then the report may contain inaccuracies for which the Clerk cannot be held responsible.

The Report relates only to the furniture, furnishings and all Landlord equipment and contents within the property.  It is no guarantee of, or safety of any such equipment or contents, merely a record that such items exist within the Property on the date the report is carried out.  None of the electrical or gas kitchen appliances will be checked to confirm working order.

It is most important that all cleaning has been completed prior to this time and any obvious or significant discrepancies are reported to the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent.

The report produced and any photographs included provide a fair and accurate record of the condition and contents of the Property as the professional opinion of the Clerk on the date requested by the Client.  However it is the sole responsibility of the Landlord and/or Letting/Management Agent and tenant to check, verify and agree the accuracy of the report prior to any actions being taken.


We aim to provide you with a fully satisfactory service at all times.  If, in the unlikely event at any time, you are dissatisfied with our service, we would ask you to contact us immediately.  We undertake to look into and investigate complaints promptly and to do all we can to resolve the position and rectify the situation to a satisfactory and acceptable outcome.

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