Why Bother?

Why you need an inventory and building condition report!

The UK Government awarded contracts to three companies to run the Tenancy Deposit Schemes back in April 2007. After check-out/tenant exit; the landlord and tenant need to agree the terms of the deposit return. If they do not or are unable to mutually agree on any deductions to be made, it can then be referred to the adjudication services.

In short, if you have a properly prepared, impartial and professional inventory and building condition report you will be in a far stronger position to make your case for retaining all or part of the tenant deposit in the case of a dispute. Even if you have an unfurnished property which you let to tenants, please remember the importance of having this report.

Common landlord/agent complaints when tenants vacate unfurnished properties

  • Excessive scuff marks, scratches and general discolouration to walls and flooring
  • Damaged radiators, wall fixtures and fittings
  • Mould forming around baths and shower trays
  • Broken taps and toilet flush handles
  • Light bulbs not replaced
  • Standard of cleaning not acceptable, unable to re-let straight away
  • Damaged window blinds and curtain poles
  • Stains to carpets
  • Mould forming to window frames, sills and seals
  • Missing kitchen appliances

It may sound absurd, but what if your tenant decides to paint the walls of your third bedroom bright pink? Your next tenant may not intend to use that room as a girls’ nursery, so the room will need redecorating back to neutral colours.  Without an independent, impartial and clear inventory and condition report; the cost of this decoration may come back to the landlord. What if your tenant claims the room was like it when they took the house… will this be their word against yours?

What happens if your living room carpet is stained and it requires a deep clean to bring back to an acceptable standard? What happens if the tiles in your bathroom are cracked along the window sill and your tenant says these issues were present when they moved in?

What is captured in our inventory and building condition report?

Our inventory and condition reports are a legally-binding document and form part of the tenancy contract between landlord/agent and tenant. This document is in the interests of both parties equally, as we are impartial and independent of both agent, landlord and tenant, we have no vested interest in the property.

There is less chance for problems or potential issues to occur when the tenant vacates the property if he or she knows they signed our inventory and condition report, where they confirmed the cosmetic condition and standard of cleanliness of the property when they moved in.

Who uses Professional Letting?

We are the choice of some of Yorkshire’s leading and long standing letting and estate agents. However, we are also the choice of local councils, property management companies, student housing providers, housing associations and private landlords. If you own a property which you let to tenants, our inventory and building condition report should be used to protect your hard earned investment and above all, give peace of mind to all parties involved.

What are the advantages of having an inventory and building condition report?

If you are a private landlord or letting agent; engaging our services can save you a lot of time and potentially many issues which can arise in any tenancy. Our professional, independent and impartial service means you can have peace of mind knowing you have a comprehensive, robust and reliable inventory and building condition report.

You can also rest assured that if a dispute does arise at the end of a tenancy period, it should be resolved swiftly and fairly and hopefully without the need of being referred to the dispute service. As our report will show clear evidence to both parties regarding the particular area of dispute; the misguided party concerned should concede.

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